Sonya Stefan

media + dance artist

The Truss Arch


The medium-length work concentrates on female identity, politics, and culture and encapsulates some of the anxieties existing within two generations of women.


Angelica Stefan, Sonya Stefan, Patricia Iraola, Justin Sebok, Sherry Walsh, Peter Trostzmer

Sentient Beings

Sonya Stefan & Stephanie Castonguay

  • Duration : 5min 36sec
  • Year : 2021
  • Credits : Sonya Stefan (image), Stephanie Castonguay (sound)

The sounds and images of artists Stefan and Castonguay blend together in a  common quest to transmit a sense of awareness of the interconnectedness between all beings. 

Les sons et les images des artistes Stefan et Castonguay se mêlent dans une quête commune visant à transmettre un sentiment de conscience de l’interconnexion entre tous les êtres.