Camera Operator

I work in various roles such as camera operator, sound recordist, first assistant director, production co-ordinator and technical director. Inquire for quotes.


Demo Reel Credits
Camera Operator Sonya Stefan

Scene One-Camera F65-Dance Artist: Brice Noeser
Scene Two-Camera Sony a7SIII-Artist Iskwe + Dancers Claudia Chan Tak & Stephanie Fromentin
Scene Three-Camera Canon C300-Artist Mohammadreza Akrami + Peter Jasko
Scene Four-Camera Canon C300-Artist Paul Chambers + Angie Cheng
Scene Five-Camera Sony a7SIII-Artist George Stamos
Scene Six-Camera Sony a7SIII-Artist Maria Kefirova
Scene Seven-Camera Sony Fs7-Artist Dana Gingras + Karine Denault
Scene Eight-Camera F65-Dance Artist: Sonya Stefan + Ellen Furey
Scene Nine-Camera Sony Fs7-Company Animals of Distinction

Photo by Teagan C. Lance
Photo by Teagan C. Lance