The Truss Arch

Poster design Marie-Douce St-Jacques and Marie Tourigny

Canada (Québec) / 2021 / 35 min / o.v. English with French subtitles

The medium-length 2021 Canada (Quebec) s.t. English | 35 min

Experimental Arts | Family | Portrait

In filmmaker Sonya Stefan’s hometown of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, a truss arch bridge straddles the St. Marys River, linking Canada to the United States. But underneath the bridge, a kind of liminal space exists where the notion of borders is blurred. With a wild yet carefully controlled energy, this deconstructed work transports us to the curious site where, it seems, anything is possible. Somewhere between an autobiographical piece, a heartfelt tribute to an immigrant mother whose fate is out of her hands, and a dance film rich in poetry and symbolism, this ode to freedom bubbles with reflections and experimentations – all set against the imposing backdrop of factory chimneys.

Réalisation : Sonya Stefan
Direction photo /DoP: Olivier Gossot (16mm film)
Archive Footage: Salvatore Stefan and Sonya Stefan
Son/Sound : Kurt Waizmann
Montage/Editing : Sonya Stefan    
Musique/Music: Jackie Gallant
Production : Sonya Stefan 
Distribution: La Distributrice de films